Where can I get San Jose Teeth Whitening?

Over the course of time even teeth that were once sparkling white can start to develop stains or turn yellow. That’s because of things like wine, coffee, tobacco – basically anything you put in your mouth that has color – can be absorbed into tiny pores in your teeth. Not surprisingly, dark-colored foods and beverages, like red wine, cola, dark sauces and various fruits such as grapes, blueberries and pomegranates are the worst culprits. These items are high in chromogens, pigment-producing substances with a penchant for sticking to tooth enamel. Luckily, however, professional teeth whitening makes it easier than ever to transform stained or yellow teeth into a dazzlingly white smile.

San Jose Teeth Whitening

If you feel self-conscious about the brightness of your smile, you’re not alone. Millions of people across the country are talking to their dentists about options for achieving a whiter smile. Professional teeth whitening is an increasingly popular and effective approach to dramatically brighten your teeth and achieve the dazzling smile you want. Professional San Jose teeth whitening treatment erases stains and reverses age-related tooth discoloration.

With an in-office San Jose teeth whitening procedure we’ll customize your course of care to suit your individual needs, making your teeth whitening procedure a positive and rewarding experience. Our in-office professional teeth whitening treatment is a fast, single-visit, safe and effective method of erasing stains, reversing age-related tooth discoloration to give you a bright  and sparkly smile. We also provide a fully customized whitening kit to use in the comfort of your own home for more gradually pleasing results.

For a personalized approach to teeth whitening visit us at the office of Dr. Boger, where we’re committed to creating beautiful and healthy smiles. To learn more about teeth whitening treatment or the many other services that we provide, call our office today.

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