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Where can I find a San Jose sedation dentist?

At the office of Zachary I. Boger DDS, we’re dedicated to making your experience in oral care both comfortable and rewarding. We are proud to offer a sweeping range of advanced services for every member of your family that spans from the essentials in routine checkups, pediatric and emergency dentistry, to the state-of-the-art in modern laser, implant, restorative and cosmetic treatment solutions for your smile. At our practice we prioritize patient comfort and maintain clear channels of communication to keep you well-informed and at ease throughout every visit. As a San Jose sedation dentist, we are also pleased to offer patients who experience significant anxiety options in dental sedation to make visits more relaxing and free from stress.

San Jose sedation dentist

Did you know that 15% of patients in need of dental treatment are estimated to avoid seeking the care they require due to fears about their procedure? At the office of Zachary I. Boger DDS, we would like to help all our patients feel at ease about visiting the dentist. We emphasize the importance of communication throughout each visit so that you are well aware of what to expect before, during and after your procedure. This steady stream of information can work wonders to alleviate anxiety and dispel any myths or uncertainty about treatment. For patients who experience significant apprehension about a particular procedure or fear trips to the dentist in general, your San Jose sedation dentist offers options in conscious sedation to help patients receive the care necessary for maintaining optimal oral health. Dental sedation is always administered under close and careful supervision after a thorough review of your medical records. Our professional team is always available to address any questions or concerns you may have about our options in care.

Here at the office of Zachary I. Boger DDS, your peace of mind is paramount. For the gentle and conscientious care of an experienced San Jose sedation dentist, contact our friendly office staff to schedule your next visit with us today!

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